Electing progressives starts with you. 

You value progressive ideas and want to ensure that everyone gets equal opportunity to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Be it preserving our public lands, access to education, attaining a living wage, fighting discrimination, or enfranchising every voter, it begins with you. Be it your time to knock on doors, your friendliness to make phone calls, or your support around the election headquarters, your effort will help to bring progress to Blaine County and Idaho. It's all-hands-on-deck, and together as community members, we can help elect leaders that will uphold our values. Do not turn away from the opportunity to be part of and to help build progress.


Volunteer Opportunities

  • Door-to-door canvassing

  • Phone banking

  • Office hour working

  • Mailing

  • Data entry

  • Office maintenance

  • Volunteer food donations


Be the change.

It always starts with a single person. You can bring progressive change to Blaine County and Idaho.