Building Democratic turn-out at Blinken Event

We had a great evening at last Wednesday's Blinken Event at Ambassador Blinken's Ketchum residence. Our local and candidates ignited enthusiasm for the November election, bringing on cheers and excitement for Idaho's future. There's definitely a force of change in the air!


Announcing our State Delegates

We have our official voted state delegates for the 2018 Idaho Democratic Party State Convention. Thanks to everyone who stepped-up and signed-up for being a delegate candidate. We are so happy that so many people wished to be part of this experience! Blaine County, you're one engaged group of citizens. Our state delegate caucus was brief and efficient—and also fun as it was during our Headquarters Open House.

Without further-ado, here are your representatives to this year's state convention from Blaine County:

  1. Gini Ballou,
  2. Ned Burns,
  3. Sara Burns,
  4. Karen Bliss,
  5. Patti Dorr,
  6. Renoir
  7. Kim Laragan-Uranga,
  8. Pedro Manuel
  9. Betty Murphy,
  10. Bev Robinson,
  11. Brent Robinson,
  12. Tammy Schofield,
  13. [Alternate] Janie Davidson,

Delegates, congratulations and thank you for becoming a delegate to the Idaho Democratic Convention on June 29–30 in Caldwell.

Although elected, Senator Stennett and Janie Davidson decided not to attend as to encourage more participation from our local Democrats.


— Pedro Manuel.

A good start for the season

We are now officially moved into our headquarters for the 2018 election cycle. I feel that this space is going to be a great to organize ourselves for this summer's campaign work. Thanks to everyone who showed up to our Headquarters Open House & Caucus. Your enthusiasm is palpable! Also, a big thank-you to Michelle, Janie, Patti, Jeff, and anyone else who helped make our new office how great it is.

Stayed tuned for updates on our office hours. You'll have to be sure to visit us and say hello. Ha, and even make some phone calls…


— Pedro Manuel.