Getting the Medicaid Expansion We Voted For


Our District 26 legislators expect a bill (or more than one) with work requirements or other limitations on Medicaid Expansion.
We need to maintain the people pressure on Republican legislators! 
Ready to make some calls or send emails?

Please contact Republican legislators on the House Health and Welfare Committeeand the Senate Health and Welfare Committee and ask them to support a clean Medicaid Expansion that funds what the people voted for: full expansion for 62,000 working Idahoans, without costly bureaucratic hurdles.
Or, (use this link) drop the committee members an email (please personalize it)

Talking points for your calls and emails! 

  • Express your support for bringing 62,000 working Idahoans healthcare they need. 

  • Idahoans approved Medicaid Expansion by a very strong margin and we have the funding for it. 

  • Work requirements will add a wasteful layer of bureaucracy, costing taxpayers. It will also ensure some Idahoans who are eligible won’t receive coverage, creating a secondary gap.

  • A secondary gap means those uninsured Idahoans will continue to use the emergency rooms for basic care, and Idaho taxpayers will continue to foot the bill. These are unnecessary costs!

  • A straightforward expansion to protect the 62,000 working Idahoans without access to healthcare is fiscally responsible. Please respect the will of the people and enact what the people voted for.